I know we are already a month in, but January has flown by and I wanted this first post back in 2018 to be like a New Introduction. I have revamped my blog, fluffed out the About Me page, and feel new inspiration to write more. 

2017 was a good year, we had some fab holidays and day’s out, yes there were some tears, but overall it was a good one. But how do I make 2018 better? 


I have always been a planner, I like to know what’s happening and when it’s happening. I like to write lists, and mind maps. In a way, it helps my anxiety; If I can plan for an event, I can plan for anything that might happen. It also is because I’m a mum and have lots of diaries and events to work around.

So I set myself some goals to outline what I want my 2018 to be about. 

  1. Family – not just me, my other half and my daughter, but the wider Abbey-Family. I’ll write a post in more detail about my “Family Tree” as its got a lot of branches. But I want to speak to the older generation more, spend more time with the younger ones and generally improve my relationships all round. 
  2. Social Media – I have a lot of connections on my social media that I just don’t pay enough attention to. Old School Friends, Overseas family members and the odd Vegan account. I want to comment and like more posts. And also publish more. 
  3. Go with the flow – should plans change or an opportunity arise, I want to be able to take it without overthinking or panicking. Yes I want to plan this year but also don’t want that to restrict me in getting the most out of everything.

I don’t want to go too goal heavy, so stuck with 3 relatively general ones. I have some more personal ones but for now we’ll stick with these. 

With all 3, planning plays a big part. Over the next weeks and months, I’ll plan to achieve my goals.

I’m looking forward to 2018. For once, I feel as though there is something big happening and I’m excited!

Over and Out


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