Why I went Vegan?

Veganism seems like a really hot topic right now so thought it was only fair I added my view and gave you my reasons for choosing this plant-based diet. (I stayed pretty simple with this, but if you want a more complex and realistic answer…then just let me know :-))

I have been um-ing and ah-ing for the last 3 or 4 months as to whether to go Vegetarian or not. It’s not that I dislike meat or fish, but more whether I agreed with how my meat was killed and how my fish was caught. I have always been brought up in a carnivorous family and we used to laugh at Veggies and Vegans…

My decision was simple. I don’t want to eat Roast Chicken where the chicken has been bred with hundreds of others in small pens, shit-filled conditions, and fighting to stay alive. I didn’t want to be eating steak from a cow that hadn’t really lived yet. And to go one step further, I didn’t want to eat eggs that were a Mother Hen’s baby. The last reason really shook me. As a mother myself, I couldn’t imagine my child being taken away for someone else’s meal.

Now I know this sounds extreme…human’s aren’t eaten or put in cake recipes. But in my head the logic still stood. I talk to my dog as if she was my best friend, she’s sad when I leave and elated when I come home…just like my child. Animal’s are smarter than we give them credit for and have emotions themselves.

Therefore, I became Vegetarian and dairy-free aka Vegan.

Now I’m only Vegan in my diet. I have super-sensitive skin so have to be careful what products I put on but I am very aware of cruelty-free brands, especially within the Beauty industry, and am trying to eliminate these from my daily routine.

I will keep you posted on this “new” way of life…

Over and Out


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